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You must drink extra amounts of water during quarantine

You must drink extra amounts of water during quarantine

As you are well aware, we are a company with a bit of a water obsession! By the time you finish reading this, you will be in awe about how amazing that clear liquid is!

If you have been searching for the fountain of youth, look no further that good ol’ water. As many of you know, water is not all equal, so take note of what you are drinking … but that was a different blog!

Amid the Coronavirus health crisis, stay at home orders across the world, cancelled schools and working from home, we are taking a big hit in regard to our lifestyle, and we can quickly lose our regular routine… but never fear…  is here… to remind you to drink more water! (Especially our filtered, purified, naturally alkaline and ionized water!)

So here are main reasons you must drink extra amounts of water during your time at home over the next few weeks;

1. You may be exercising more… with strict limits to our trips outside of the home, and many people unable to go to work or school, many Americans are actually exercising more! Going for a bike ride, or a run, or even doing a work out in your TV room at home is awesome, but make sure you help your body and muscles recover by drinking lots of water afterwards!

2. You may be exercising less… with strict limits on trips outside the home, many Americans may not have the ability to safely leave their homes. Those living in apartments may not feel comfortable using an elevator meaning you can find yourself confined. Mix that with the unexpected opportunity to laze around and catch up on our fave TV shows, many Americans are exercising less! As a result we are dehydrated and not getting enough water. Take a moment and drink a glass of water now and again to give your body a little extra TLC!

3. Your alcohol or soda intake may increase…many of us often enjoy a glass of wine or a beer at home on the weekends, or perhaps when we’re out at a bar or restaurant, but now every day is a holiday [insert “stressful holiday” here!] so we may be drinking more alcohol, juice, mixed drinks, and soda than usual. Make sure you counter that with drinking at least 2 glasses of water for every sugary drink to balance your fluid intake.

4. Drinking water (particularly Alkaline Water) helps strengthen your immune system. It helps regulate things like body temperature, blood glucose levels, blood pressure and your body’s pH. It also aids in oxygenating your blood, which can all help your body fight viruses! Diseases and viruses live and thrive in acidic environments! Counter that with plenty of alkaline rich food and water.

5. Alkaline water helps your body fight illness, by keeping you hydrated while your body sweats out a fever, it also helps to loosen mucus, and congestion in your lungs and sinuses.

6. Water gives you an energy boost; fatigue impacts oxygen flow around the body to your vital organs. Fatigue is commonly caused by dehydration, and being fatigued (and dehydrated) can cause your heart to work harder, your brain to have less oxygen, and your digestive system to become sluggish. You feel tired and less alert. But by keeping your body hydrated you can feel the complete opposite of all those things! Your organs are well-oxygenated, you feel energized and can give yourself an energy boost!

7. Drinking water boosts cognition and brain function. As we just mentioned, hydration can aid in the flow of oxygen to the brain, and naturally this can aid in brain function. Studies have shown a connection between drinking Alkaline water and improved cognitive function in children with learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD, as well as chronic illness and autism. Whether these things affect your family or not, we all can feel a little unfocused and bewildered working and schooling from home, so if drinking water instead of sugary drinks can help us get through the day, it's worth a try!

8. Drinking water greatly aids your digestion. Our Alkaline water is packed with natural electrolytes which allow your body to absorb more energy and nutrients from the food you are eating. This can be great to combat digestive issues prone to a body that is low in exercise from being living under a stay at home order or quarantine. Be warned however; If you are drinking reverse osmosis, distilled or ‘zero’ water, these essential electrolytes are missing, and your digestive system will borrow them from your cells and muscles to aid in digesting your food, causing fatigue and low electrolyte levels in your body.

9. Did you know that drinking healthy water can reduce your stress? So it can’t help pay your bills of course, however it can help calm your body’s natural response to stress, making you feel calmer and able to think things through with a clearer head. When the body is stressed it releases cortisol, which can in turn cause raised sugar and glucose levels in the body, but if the body is dehydrated and under continued stress, it may not be able to lower the cortisol levels, stopping your natural ability to calm down and handle a situation with a level head. If you are also consuming a high sugar diet, your body may ot realize that it needs to calm down, causing the alarm switch to stay ‘on’ and resulting in a constant release of cortisol. This causes chronic depression and stress related conditions.